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It was not Johannes Kepler who discovered the laws of planetary motion,
but his assistant, Tycho Brahe,
who merely organized Kepler’s catalog of systematic astronomical observations.

“The best of science doesn’t consist of mathematical models and experiments,
as textbooks make it seem.
Those come later.
It springs fresh from a more primitive mode of thought,
when the hunter’s mind weaves ideas from old facts and fresh metaphors,
and the scrambled crazy images of things recently seen.
To move forward is to concoct new patterns of thought,
which in turn dictate the design of models and experiments.”

- Edward O. Wilson, The Diversity of Life, 1992

“The genetic code is not a binary code as in computers,
nor an eight-level code as in some telephone systems,
but a quaternary code with four symbols.
The machine code of the genes is uncannily computer-like.”

- Richard Dawkins

“Human DNA is like a computer program but far,
far more advanced than any software ever created.”

- Bill Gates

I’ve been doing bioinformatics for about 10 years now. I used to joke with a friend of mine that most of our work was converting between file formats. We don’t joke about that anymore.
- Real-world Q&A from a bioinformatics expert

Experimental design is critical for both experimental designers and data scientists, especially for those who hope to analyze their results with computational methods, so remember:
Garbage in garbage out!!!