1 Syllabus

1.1 General syllabus

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1.2 Student helpers

1.2.1 LEAD hours (Fall/Spring only)

Also, there are LEAD learning center (http://lead.mst.edu/schedule/) hours.

The Learning Enhancement Across Disciplines Program (LEAD) sponsors free learning assistance in a wide range of courses for students who wish to increase their understanding, improve their skills, and validate their mastery of concepts and content in order to achieve their full potential. LEAD assistance starts no later than the third week of classes. Check out the online schedule at http://lead.mst.edu/assist, using zoom buttons to enlarge the view. Look to see what courses you are taking have collaborative LEAD learning centers (bottom half of schedule) and/or Individualized LEAD tutoring (top half of the schedule). For more information, contact the LEAD office at 341-7276 or email lead@mst.edu.

LEAD discord “server”:
* https://discord.gg/yjHThbRlibr

1.3 Course description

This course continues the development of structured programming concepts and their use in program development. Stacks, queues, linked list, arrays, trees, sorting, and searching will be taught together with their use in implementations of a number of algorithms. This course extends the study of structured programming by presenting the concepts and implementations of various abstract data types (ADTs) including lists, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs. We will discuss the trade-offs associated with implementing these ADTs with alternative data structures. You will also learn about more advanced C++ constructs.

1.3.1 Prerequisite

1.4 Textbooks

Required readings and activities will be assigned from these books:

Efficient Data Structures
C++ version
Author: Taylor
Available FREE here:
* C++: Content/eds-cpp.pdf
* Code: Content/cpp.tar.xz
* Pseudocode (derived from Python): Content/eds-pseudocode.pdf
* Code: Content/python.tar.xz
This is a re-mixed variant of Open Data Structures by Pat Morin, simplified and customized to this class.

Open Data Structures
C++ version
Author: Pat Morin
Available FREE here: Content/ODS-cpp_Morin2018.pdf
This book takes a dense direct and simple approach, and assumes a slightly more astute reader, so be prepared to take your time.

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis
Edition 3.2 (C++ Version)
Author: Clifford A. Shaffer
Available FREE here: Content/DSA_Shaffer2013.pdf
This book takes a more verbose approach, spelling out more steps in detail, but is not as clear or concise.

1.5 Which virtual machine / OS for this class?

OpenSuse OVA I distribute