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1.1 Schedule and due dates

1.2 Review

1.3 Topical outline

1.3.1 First day

1.3.2 Introduction

  1. Inspiration, introduction
  2. What is the internet? Introduction Assignments

ra00: VM and SSH server
* Set up two virtual machines, one with an SSH server, SSH from one to the other
* ra00-localhost

1.3.3 Application layer

  1. Application layer Application assignments

pa01: Python simple HTTP Web server (SP22)
* toy code socket programming in python
* pa01_http

ra01: Real Web server with CGI (and HTTP, TCP Wireshark) (SP22)
* Install and configure a real web server (Apache), and watch it with Wireshark
* ra01_apache

pa02: Python SMTP client (SP19)
* toy code socket programming in python
* pa02_smtp

ra02: Real DNS server (and DNS, UDP Wireshark) (SP19)
* Install and configure a real DNS server (bind) to resolve your Web server’s IP, and watch it with Wireshark
* ra02_name-server

ra03: Real Email server (and SMTP, TCP Wireshark) (SP19)
* Install and configure a real email server of your choosing, and watch it with Wireshark.
* ra03_mail

1.3.4 Transport layer

  1. Transport layer Transport assignments

pa03: Python UDP echo (SP22)
* toy code socket programming in python
* pa03_udp-echo
* recorded tour 2022-04-13
* https://vimeo.com/700483879
* https://vimeo.com/700483976

1.3.5 Network layer Network Data plane

  1. Network layer - Data plane Network security (more than just network layer)

  1. Security Network Control plane

  1. Network layer - Control plane Network assignments

pa04: ICMP ping and traceroute (SP22)
* ICMP ping and ICMP traceroute socket programming in python
* pa04-ICMP

ra04: Network obfuscation and tunneling (SP19)
* Learn how to circumvent both protocol and IP based censorship, host a service anonymously.
* ra04-Network-subversion

pa05: IPTables firewall? (SP22)
* Firewall for single-user machine, NAT, and DHCP Wireshark
* pa05-Firewall-IPTables

ra05: Dedicated real firewall configuration (SP19)
* Install and configure a pfSense/opnsense default gateway for your corporate network
* ra05-Firewall-IPS

  1. Link layer and LAN

pa05: ARP spoofing (SP19)
* ARP spoofing (link/network layer) with DNS MitM raw socket programming in python
* pa05-MitM-spoof

1.3.7 Wireless and mobile

  1. Wireless and mobile

1.3.8 Packet crafting


1.3.9 Summary

A day in the life of a packet
* Slides and reading:
* Content/10-DayInLifeOfPacket.html
* Old version Content/Chapter_6.pdf
* Another example: https://www.homenethowto.com/advanced-topics/traffic-example-the-full-picture/

1.4 Lan and WiFi security


1.5 Privacy, P2P, Meshnets


1.6 Potential future assignments: