1 Syllabus

1.1 General syllabus

Note: click on this, and actually read it; it’s part of the syllabus:

1.2 Course description

This course covers principles of threat-modeling, trust, and security policies. Topics include cryptography, reverse engineering, software security, malware analysis, authentication, access controls, operating systems hardening, virtualization, database security, and network security. This class is programming intensive and project based, with case-analyses.

1.2.1 Prerequisite

1.3 Textbooks and resources

1.4 Which virtual machine / OS for this class?

We’re going to use malware, write hacks, and break the operating system.
Virtual machines are NOT optional in this course.
You should use Fedora Security Labs for most assignments.

1.5 Which programming language for this class?

Bash, Python, C/C++, Rust, SQL, etc.