General syllabus

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Course description

The course will familiarize students with the application of computational methods to the biological sciences broadly, as viewed from both perspectives. We will introduce problems in molecular, structural, morphological, neurological, epidemiological, biomedical, and biodiversity informatics. We will explore principles, algorithms, tools, and software to address those problems.


  • A grade of "C" or better in both one of Bio Sci 1113 or Bio Sci 1213, and one of Comp Sci 1570 / 1580 or Comp Sci 1971 / 1981.

Textbooks and resources

Required (free/open)

  1. Introduction to Applied Bioinformatics - Greg Caporaso
  2. Genomes, 2nd edition. Terence A Brown.
  3. Network Science - Albert-László Barabási

Optional (not free)

  1. Bio-star Handbook (Bio* Handbook) - Istvan Albert

Which virtual machine / OS for this class?

OpenSuse OVA I release is recommended, but if you run any Linux bare-metal, we can likely make that work.

Which programming language for this class?

Mostly Python, and a hint of Bash

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