General syllabus

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Student helpers

  • Our student assistants are happy to help with programming or go over material in a small group or one-on-one setting.

LEAD hours (Fall/Spring only)

Also, there are LEAD learning center ( hours.

  • Comp Sci room 212/213 (CS-Linux computer lab/lounge)

The Learning Enhancement Across Disciplines Program (LEAD) sponsors free learning assistance in a wide range of courses for students who wish to increase their understanding, improve their skills, and validate their mastery of concepts and content in order to achieve their full potential. LEAD assistance starts no later than the third week of classes. Check out the online schedule at, using zoom buttons to enlarge the view. Look to see what courses you are taking have collaborative LEAD learning centers (bottom half of schedule) and/or Individualized LEAD tutoring (top half of the schedule). For more information, contact the LEAD office at 341-7276 or email

LEAD discord "server":

Course description

Programming design and development using C++. Emphasis placed on problem solving methods using good programming practices and algorithm design and development. Topics included are syntax/semantics, logical, relational and arithmetic operators, decision branching, loops, functions, file I/O, arrays, output formatting, C-strings, and an introduction to Object-Oriented Programming including the development and use of classes. Prerequisite: Accompanied by Comp Sci 1580.


For a list of textbooks, please see section C++ resources under this course's Content page.

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