My emails

My GnuPG2 public key for email

Optionally, if you are a privacy enthusiast, and want to end-to-end (e2e) encrypt emails with me:

  1. Decide which email server (address) you want your emails sitting on.
  2. Set up your own email client with GnuPG2, and create a key for yourself (see below links). Test that you can send encrypted emails back and forth with yourself.
  3. Import my public key:
    1. Download this file: ./taylor_gnupg2_key.asc
    2. Import my key by executing the following command (or just use your client's GUI): gpg2 --import taylor_gnupg2_key.asc
  4. Compose an email to me, encrypt it to me using pgp-mime, and attach a copy of your public key to the first email.
  5. I'll import your key, and all future emails back-and-forth will be encrypted and not visible to the server!

Information on PGP (OpenPGP, GnuPG, gpg, gpg2) email encryption, and how to set it up:

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