Yes list

Recommended to-have list
Laptop computer SHOULD have these features

  • A fully featured laptop workstation (students should be able to use the machine in class with a full real keyboard).

  • Greater than 3 hours of battery life.

  • Greater than, or at least 16GB of RAM (bare minimum), and ideally more!

  • BIOS/UEFI Boot should be unlocked and open.

No list

Recommended not-to-have list
Computer SHOULD NOT have these features

  • Primary machine should not be a desktop tower or tablet (should at least have a laptop workstation for use in class).

  • Laptop should not block booting the computer to a USB drive with an experimental operating system on it, since this is needed for various classes, labs, and software development functions.

  • Laptop should not have a required TPM. That is, the TPM should be able to be turned off or disabled.

  • Should not have required boot lock via EFI/UEFI or any mechanism.
    • Some 2020 or newer Mac machines block booting to USB, to enforce an anti-competetive business model, under the pretense of security...
    • BIOS/boot should be unlocked.

Nice to have

Not required, but nice to have


Below are some examples of laptop retailers that sell machines that satisfy these requirements,
and thus optionally support the installation of:
Windows, Linux, Unix, BSD, or any other developmental operating system.

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